With strategy and planning based on real-time gathering of data and processing, drone technology will continue to give the farming industry with a high-tech and sophisticated makeover. Drone aerial photography creates precise maps for the early analysis of soil, which is essential in the planning seed planting patterns. Soil analysis using drones after planting provides accurate data for nitrogen-level management and irrigation.

Low efficiency when it comes to crop monitoring and the vast fields are among the largest obstacles in the farming industry. The monitoring issues become worse due to unpredictable weather conditions that drive greater field maintenance costs and drive risks. Drones can produce time-series animations that show the crop’s precise development. Video farming also reveals inefficiencies in the production, which allows better crop management.

Drone Aerial Photography & Video is an indispensable tool for Golf Course Grounds Managers to more efficiently maintain better course turf conditions.  Drones can provide high resolution images of an entire course in a fraction of the time it takes to otherwise evaluate turf conditions and issues.

Providing a proven, professional and flexible aerial imaging service and spatial consulting service by utilising robust multirotor Remotely-Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) platforms coupled with high resolution stills and UHD (4K) video sensors.
With its "Permission for Commercial Operations" (PFCO) awarded by the UK Civil Aviation Authority firmly in place since May 2015, PMI AirScan extensively covers the South East of England, encompassing the Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex.  Not solely restricted to the South East, we can also be commissioned to undertake aerial imaging tasks within other parts of the UK.