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Sell Your Property

Saturday, 08 September 2018 11:37 Blog
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Take good video photographs

Need to sell your property and need a different prospective then look no further we can assist with creating a short advert to promote your sale.

…and if you’re no David Bailey, pay someone else to take them for you! Research tells us that the first thing a tenant does is flick through the photos. This is your opportunity to show people why they need to view your property, and dark or blurred pictures simply won’t do it. Contact us for a our guide on how to video photograph your property. Floorplans are more important that most people think too. They help a tenant visualise the layout and size of your property. We can offer professional video photography and floorplan service with an average turnaround time of 72 hours.

List your key features

This is your opportunity to really “sell” your property.
The key features enable a tenant to see if the property covers their wish-list at a glance. You need to make sure you cover the basics, but also promote anything that makes your property special or unique and is going to appeal to your target market. eg, allocated parking, a south facing garden, walking distance to “something” (station, town centre, school etc).
Make sure the feature you’re mentioning is actually a feature worth mentioning. eg, having a communal entrance isn’t a selling feature, where a private entrance might be. Try to keep your features to less than 4 words each and avoid merging features together (i.e. Close to schools, shops and train station)

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Drone PILOT Training

Saturday, 30 June 2018 12:10 Blog
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Drone PILOT Training - PERMISSION for Commercial Operations
Now only   £695 ?+VAT
Theory course, Exam, Flight Assessment. Operations Manual, Night Permission - no hidden fees? - Guaranteed pass!
Our instructional team consists of 13  former Military (Army) Pilots and Instructors with an unequalled provenance of delivering first class aviation training. Our flight assessment and training team is made up of 3 of the most experienced drone operators in the country.

Roof Inspection - Boxford

Saturday, 19 May 2018 10:58 Blog
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Client Roof inspection carried out using Mavic Pro to check for any cracked tiles and any other damaged. 


Friday, 18 May 2018 19:22 Blog
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A few photography's taken from a Phantom P4 by Ian


Thursday, 17 May 2018 20:42 Blog
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We have all the requisite PfCO licenses, aviation insurance and approvals allowing you to focus on your business and letting us manage all the compliance details.

PMI AirScan Technologies is keenly focused on the importance of reliable data and has assembled a team of photogrammetrists to consistently deliver this to our clients.