Usage rights/licenses are not valid until payment is received in full. Ownership and reproduction rights of the photographs and/or video footage remain with PMI AirScan unless otherwise specified within a separate contract. We reserves the right to use any photograph and/or video footage for personal promotion in any medium chosen. Payment for services rendered by PMI AirScan constitutes acceptance of all terms outlined here and within the contract.

In all other cases, the photographer will retain the copyright, if the photographer has been paid for his work, the payment will be for the photographer’s time and typically an allocated number of prints. The copyright to the photos will remain with the photographer, and therefore any reproduction without permission would be an infringement of copyright.

All rights reserved

A simple cover all statement. This is the most commonly used statement, and perhaps the clearest, and covers most eventualities. It simply means that you withhold all rights to the maximum extent allowable under law.


  • Any unauthorised broadcasting, public performance, copying or re-recording will constitute an infringement of copyright.

    Another cover all statement, this one is designed for use on sound recordings, but can easily be adapted to apply to other types of work.

    The wording makes it clear that the authors rights are taken very seriously. For maximum effect you can combine (a) and (b).

  • Permission granted to reproduce for personal and educational use only. Commercial copying, hiring, lending is prohibited.

    For businesses and organisations this kind of statement can be of mutual benefit as allowing reproduction may help to promote their message.

  • May be used free of charge. Selling without prior written consent prohibited. Obtain permission before redistributing. In all cases this notice must remain intact.

    This is the type of notice often used for software distributed as "freeware" or "shareware", by specifying that the copyright notice remains intact you ensure that all copies will identify you as the author.


PMI AirScan will abide by all CAA Regulations for flight and receive the proper authorization for flight. Additionally, the need, availability and use of the UAS will not supersede the issuance of a warrant when needed.