Meet the Team

All our UAS Pilots are fully qualified and hold Permission for Commercial Operation (CAA)

Aerial, Film Video & Photography

We have the experience and equipment needed to deliver high quality 4k, 1080p aerial photography and video for your project using our aerial fleet.

Aerial Photography - Real Estate

From breathtaking aerial views to 360' interior tours, the team are ready to create a seamless promotional package to set your listings apart from the competition.  We run an efficient and clean operation, ensuring that your project remains on-time and on-budget.


3D Model Imagery

With our service we can create 3D models from aerial and ground based images that you can apply to your surveying challenges.

What do I get when I hire you?

We mostly work as a two-person crew, all our equipment has gimbals with pan, tilt and lens control is operated completely independently of the copter meaning we can create dynamic, exciting moves in the air. Sometimes we need additional ground support depending on the shoot, or the small rig can even be a single person operation. A standard package includes:
Skilled PfCO qualified pilot and Director with camera expertise who will liaise with your production to achieve the shots you need.
Aerial platform with direct drive camera stabilisation.
Live SD or HD downlink depending on the circumstances of the shoot which can be fed to multiple monitors.
Ground safety management.
Possible 4×4 Production vehicle to access all terrain.
Advance aviation checks, remote site assessment, location agreements, risk assessment and weather updates.

PMI AirScan will abide by all CAA Regulations for flight and receive the proper authorization for flight. Additionally, the need, availability and use of the UAS will not supersede the issuance of a warrant when needed.